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W E L C O M E   TO   O U R   C O M P A N Y

It gives me great pleasure, to take this opportunity, to express to you our gratitude for choosing

Al Joman Logistics (ALC) as your business partner. At ALC we strive to provide reliable quality
services through continual improvement and consider customer satisfaction as our highest priority.

Our services are carried out by qualified personnel, in our various department, in a timely and
professional manner.

For any inquiries or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us, and rest assured that your request will get our prompt attention.

Capt. Omar F. Fanoush
General Manager

C.omar fanosh

A L J O M A N    L O G I S T I C S    C O M P A N Y

Was establispic1hed recently to provide the market with solutions to the transportation demand.
Needless to say, that Libya is presently turning into private sector which enabled us to take a step ahead toward establishment gathering long experienced team to secure quality , dependability , professionalism & ideal performance .
Having long experienced team already encouraged V.I.P clients to express the problems they face tracing in / out bounded materials , appreciating solutions offered .
May be because that some of our members have 25 – 30 years of experience in this field of business , commerce & marine sector together with 32 years experienced legal manager , 30 years experienced financial affairs manager & 31 years of administration management
Or may be because members of our team succeeded to lead other firms into distinguished achievements & been recognized by national & international business communities .
Our aim is to provide Libyan market with unique services that are already missing which motivates our strategies toward our objectives .

O  U  R      V  I  S  I  O  N

We, at ALJOMAN LOGISTICS COMPANY (ALC) primarily guided in our activity by a professional, practical & customer-driven approach.

We believe in building partnerships with clients & suppliers in fostering a team spirit within the organization; and in continuous innovation & improvement in our performance.

O  U  R      P  R  I  N  C  I  P  L  E  S

We aim to support our clients with easy-friendly practical solutions to their logistical requirements that secure their objectives at the best timing & ideal costs.

We aim to provide cost effective assignments for our clients, to constantly provide updated information's and to ensure client’s satisfaction at each task.

We aim towards success by adopting exact standards at each step & we accept only the best of everything we do, offer or provide.

We aim to use all our resources, encourage our team spirit within the organization and assist our clients with their business development in the most innovative & creative manner

We aim to help our clients with our ability & expertise in specialized areas of business by maintaining our own high professional standard.